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Learning to Delegate: A Mini Case Study

Consider this situation:

This is the fourth project that Anna has delegated to Amanda and she is starting to feel she would be better off doing it herself! While Amanda is willing to take on additional assignments, she just doesn’t seem to be willing to be responsible for the assignment. She won’t do anything without […]

Enabling for Employee Decision Making

As we climb the ladder into more senior leadership roles, we have to rely on others to accomplish goals and meet objectives. We can’t continue to do it all as we take on more responsibilities at a leadership level. However, many leaders are not comfortable delegating authority to employees. They are afraid of what might […]

Best Practice Steps for Delegating Tasks to Employees

When delegating tasks to employees, to ensure that the tasks get completed to your satisfaction and to ensure that employees get the support they need to be successful, take these best practice steps:

Choose the right employee to delegate to. Be sure the employee has the basic skills to get the task completed and the […]