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Best Practices to Communicate About Your Strategic Plan

Communicating about the strategic plan

Better Communication = Increased Success in Implementing Your Strategic Plan

It is essential to have a plan in place to communicate about the strategic plan throughout the organization. Educating employees about the plan enables for their understanding of the importance of the plan as well as increasing their commitment to supporting the plan – which […]

Are You Communicating with Your Employees?

We can resolve so many issues within the workplace simply by communicating more frequently and more honestly with our employees. Consider how much productive time is wasted in gossip or in employees spending time worrying rather than working because they don’t have all the information.

Regular communication is essential. If we don’t communicate regularly […]

Leadership Challenge: Engaging the Workforce

Often executives don’t believe the need to engage the workforce is one of their tasks. That usually falls, in their opinion, with the human resources department. However, it is a key responsibility of all executives in the organization to engage the workforce.

This doesn’t have to be an onerous task. But does require leadership to […]

Sharing Bad News with Employees

As leaders, we don’t always have good news to share. Sometimes the news is just not good but we need to share it with others. We may not have the right answer nor even know the impact over the long term of the news we need to share, but it is best to communicate the […]

Bring on the Critical Thinkers

Handling the Tough Employee Questions

There is a tendency in many organizations to hide from the tough questions that employees sometimes ask. In fact, in doing so, companies end up silencing input and feedback that can be extremely valuable to them. As a corporate communication professional I’ve always been interested to observe this phenomenon.