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How Effectively Are You Managing Your Time as a New Manager?

Try these best practices!

Too often new managers are not provided the skills they need to effectively learn how to manage their time and the time of their staff. This is common especially when a new manager is moving from an individual contributor role to a supervisory role with no past experience managing others. This […]

Three Key Skills Needed to Coach Employees

There are a number of skills required to be an effective coach. Here are 3 key skills that every successful coach has that enables them to be effective coaching others to be more productive in the workplace and/or to manage performance issues:

The ability to provide feedback that is clear, concise, specific and actionable. Feedback […]

Best Practices to Effectively Coach Employees

Coaching enables managers and leaders to help employees grow in the business, address performance issues and encourage them to continue to perform optimally. Coaching is a critical part of employee professional development. Coaching should be a regular part of conversations with employees.

In order to coach employees effectively, however, managers must be trained in how […]

Keep the Peace by Not Asking “Why”

Sometimes we work with individuals who tend to be a bit defensive. Any time we may question something they did, or didn’t do, they may get their back up and act very defensive or get angry. I have found that the question, “Why,” often pushes individuals who are more defensive a bit over the edge. […]

Increasing Your Comfort Level in Delegating to Employees

Granting Authority

Challenging for a number of managers is giving up a bit of authority when delegating work to employees. They may be “control freaks,” but more than likely they are just afraid something will go wrong. However, if you are going to delegate work to employees, you need to enable them authority to get […]