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Three Key Skills Needed to Coach Employees

Three Key Skills Needed to Coach EmployeesThere are a number of skills required to be an effective coach. Here are 3 key skills that every successful coach has that enables them to be effective coaching others to be more productive in the workplace and/or to manage performance issues:

  1. The ability to provide feedback that is clear, concise, specific and actionable. Feedback needs to be provided on items that the employee being coached can address and over which the employee has control (behavior based.)
  2. Communication skills including:
    1. Paraphrasing – restating what the employee is telling you to ensure understanding and to clarify what is being heard
    2. Listening – actively listening to the employee by paying attention, nodding, asking questions and ensuring a focus on the employee
    3. Asking open ended questions – open ended questions, as opposed to closed (yes/no) questions, enables for better conversations
  3. Collaboration skills – the ability to collaborate with others enables the manager to work hand-in-hand with the employee on determining coaching goals and developing a coaching action plan

Certainly, the ability to engage and make an emotional connection with the employee being coached is essential. This includes showing a sincere interest in the employee, his goals and in helping him succeed.

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