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One Approach to Solving a Business Problem

Talking with a colleague the other day, he shared that he was tired of trying to solve business problems he was having on his own. He felt he needed to expand his options for solutions and likely, if he did so, would come up with even better solutions to the problems he was trying to […]

Is Consensus Happening?

When we take a “consensus approach” to solving problems and making decisions, we are collaborative, everyone involved in engaged, discussions are more fruitful and commitment is likely when a final decision is reached.

Your team is working toward consensus when the following is happening during discussions. Team members are….

sharing many ideas and supporting each […]

Decision Making

Are you asking the right questions before making a final decision?

Often when faced with making a final decision based on input from the team, a leader may move ahead with implementing the recommended solution, but may not really have all the facts or explored the solution presented fully.

When faced with making a decision […]

Empower Your Team to Solve Problems

Delegating Issues to be Resolved

When there is a problem that arises within the department, don’t feel that you, as the manager, must solve it yourself. You may be able to delegate the problem to your team members, who may be closer to the situation and may have more expertise, to resolve it. Certainly you […]

Managing Employees Who Complain

We all need to manage employees who have a complaint. It is important to handle complaining employees effectively to help resolve the issue and get them back on track. Consider these best practices to manage employees who complain:

Do not make assumptions. We assume that when employees complain they are unhappy with the job. This […]