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5 Things to do Today to Build a Better Relationship with Your Team

By building a better relationship with your team you’ll find that:

  • You can accomplish more in shorter periods of time
  • The team functions as a true team rather than a group of individuals
  • Conflicts are managed better among team members
  • The team works together more effectively and efficiently
  • The team gets “up to speed” on the project in a shorter time frame

Take these 5 simple steps today to build a better relationship with your team:

  1. Take the team as a group out to lunch. This enables them to get to know each other better and to get to know you better. Don’t talk business, keep it personal.
  2. Trust your team. Once you get to know them, their skills and expertise, it is easier to give a bit of leadership and authority away to them. Let them make decisions and resolve issues on their own. They will seek you out if they need assistance.
  3. Meet one-on-one with team members to establish a personal relationship with each one. Again, you may choose to take a team member out to lunch or just get together for coffee.
  4. Ask their advice on a particular thorny problem you are trying to solve. Your team members have expertise you do not have; they can likely help you out!
  5. Share with your team. Share information on the project, an article of interest, an upcoming non-work related event that you know matches their personal interests, etc.

How about you?  What have you done to build relationships with your team? What might you do today to get started? Please share with others in the Comments field below. Thanks!

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