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6 Ways to Build Strong Relationships with Your Customers

By building strong relationships with your customers you can do a better job of meeting their needs and keeping them with your business rather than moving off to the competition.

Try these simple techniques to build stronger relationships:

  • Take your customer out for coffee or lunch at least once a quarter just to “catch up.”
  • Send your customer interesting articles that you come across that they may find valuable. Sharing information is a great way to keep in touch.
  • When you read good news about your customer, send them a note of congratulations. When you read news that is not so good, reach out to your customer to see how you might help in some way or to offer suggestions based on your experiences and expertise.
  • Offer your best customers the opportunity to try out a new service or product at no charge and offer them incentives on other products and services that they purchase frequently.
  • Be available to your customers – good customer service should be a priority.
  • When you can’t help your customer, refer them to someone who can help them. Your customer will remember your assistance.

Your thoughts? What do you do to build and keep strong relationships with your customers? Please share with others in the Comments field below. Thanks!