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Build Relationships with Colleagues – Starting Today!

3 Simple Ways

The 2015 report on employees’ job satisfaction and engagement by the Society of Human Resource Management1 found that 44% of relationships with coworkers was “very important.” Additionally, the survey found that 79% of employees were satisfied with their relationships with their coworkers.

Certainly this is due to many reasons, including the fact […]

Skills Needed to Effectively Engage Stakeholders

In order to effectively engage stakeholders, and to keep them engaged, the following skills are essential for project managers to have:

Ability to build relationships with others Understanding the perspective of stakeholders – their concerns and challenges about the project Interviewing skills to understand the needs and wants of stakeholders Strong verbal and written communication […]

Human Resource Professionals…Are You Building Relationships Throughout the Organization?

While everyone needs to build relationships within their organization, it is especially essential that human resource professionals do so! Building relationships is key to success for human resource professionals – especially in engaging employees in any number of initiatives that are ongoing within the organization.

The benefits of doing so are plentiful and will enable […]

The Need to Build Relationships: A Mini Case Study – Part II

Read Part I for background information.

You need to change everyone’s perception of you. What are you going to do? In order to move forward in this particular situation, consider apologizing to colleagues for “plowing ahead” with your ideas and suggestions. You might note that you are excited about the potential and simply got carried […]

The Need to Build Relationships: A Mini Case Study – Part I

When you first joined the company over 6 months ago, you tried to move forward with a number of initiatives that were successful at your last company. You met quite a bit of resistance from business line managers (your peers). You couldn’t seem to move forward with any of your initiatives.

In a recent conversation […]