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Engaging “Difficult” Stakeholders

Every project has stakeholders that may be labeled as "difficult." While I’ll acknowledge that some people just choose to be difficult and contrary; many times there is a valid reason for someone being difficult. They are just not expressing themselves in the best way possible. This is not to excuse their behavior; but, look deeper […]

Skills Needed to Effectively Engage Stakeholders

In order to effectively engage stakeholders, and to keep them engaged, the following skills are essential for project managers to have:

Ability to build relationships with others Understanding the perspective of stakeholders – their concerns and challenges about the project Interviewing skills to understand the needs and wants of stakeholders Strong verbal and written communication […]

The Value of Engaging Stakeholders

Last year, three particular projects in which I was involved with clients was focused on managing the change management and communication process for large technology projects the clients were undertaking within the organization.

I’d like to focus this article on one of those projects where the client did not quite recognize the need for change […]

Taking Time to Build Relationships with Key Stakeholders

As a best practice, to engage your stakeholder and gain commitment/support for your projects, be sure to spend the time building relationships with key stakeholders. Do this before you need to engage them in conversations about the project or request their support.

Here are just a few simple ways to build relationships with key stakeholders: