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New Supervisor Best Practices

Consider what you should be doing the first month in your new role

Ideally, new supervisors are afforded an opportunity to be onboarded into their new role in a more formal way within their companies. However, not every organization does onboarding and sometimes supervisors are dropped into a management role with limited or no support […]

Are You Building Relationships in Your HR Role?

If not…you better start!

If you are in a human resources role – whether an administrator, training specialist, manager, director or in a senior leadership human resources position – and you are not investing the time each week to build relationships throughout the organization, you cannot be successful over the long term.

Human resources is […]

The Value of Establishing Relationships Throughout the Organization

A Mini Case Study

Here is a story of a project manager who did not see the value of spending time establishing relationships with others.

We’ll call him Jack. Jack has been managing projects for about 5 years. In that time, he has always had project team members who reported to him. He never bothered […]

Hit the Road to Socialize Your New Initiative

When we take on a new initiative, we may consider the need to socialize and get the buy-in of those co-located, but we tend to forget about remote offices. We need to get our remote employees engaged. Commonly I hear from my client’s remote offices that they feel disconnected from the main office. This […]

The Fine Art of (Active) Listening

How good are you at listening? Wait – before you answer…really listening. Active listening. Really paying attention to the person speaking. Not thinking about what you are going to say next or about what you’ll have for dinner that evening or about what you did last night. No doubt many of you – when […]