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Skills Needed to Effectively Engage Stakeholders

In order to effectively engage stakeholders, and to keep them engaged, the following skills are essential for project managers to have:

Ability to build relationships with others Understanding the perspective of stakeholders – their concerns and challenges about the project Interviewing skills to understand the needs and wants of stakeholders Strong verbal and written communication […]

Managing BPI Projects – Managing Stakeholders Expectations around Change

Managing business process improvement (BPI) projects are challenging enough. Add to that the need to manage stakeholders’ expectations around change as it relates to the BPI project and your challenges have doubled!

One of our responsibilities when managing BPI projects is to ensure we also manage the expectations of our stakeholders, who will undoubtedly be […]

Communicating with Stakeholders in Ways that Work for Them

We all absorb information differently – some are more visual than others and want to see charts and graphs, some prefer to listen to others communicate the information to them such as through a presentation or in a meeting, and others like to be involved in some way such as by reviewing data and […]

Improve How You Manage Your Stakeholders

In conversations with project managers I am often told that managing the stakeholders on their projects often takes up much more time than they would expect. For some, they feel like they are herding cats; especially when they need regular input from their stakeholders.

Additionally, a few project managers have mentioned that just […]