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Successful Mentoring Programs

The First Few Meetings Matter!

The first few meetings of mentors and protégé (or mentee) makes a significant difference in the success of the mentoring program.

These initial meetings are about building relationships and establishing trust. Mentoring cannot be successful if trust does not exist. Mentoring is a longer-term relationships focused on helping […]

My Mentee is Not Engaged – Part II

A Mini Case Study on Mentoring Employees

Read Part I for background information.

Jackson reached out to the Mentor Program Director for support. He told him the story and said that he was probably not the best mentor for Jeb. It might be that Jeb just wasn’t interested in being mentored or simply that they […]

My Mentee is Not Engaged – Part I

A Mini Case Study on Mentoring Employees

Jackson has been mentoring Jeb for about four months under a new program established within the organization. Initially they met in a face-to-face meeting but all meetings after that have been via the phone since that seemed better for Jeb. Jackson decided it was time for another face-to-face […]

How Can I Move Up in the Organization?

A Mini Case Study on Mentoring Employees

Sammy has been working with the organization for a number of years, since he graduated college. His manager has consistently given him really good performance reviews. And his peers have always commented to him, and to his manager, that he is a great team player and they can […]

What are Your Goals for Mentoring

Set Goals Before Developing Your Mentoring Program

Prior to beginning to develop the plan for your in-house mentoring program, spend a bit of time developing the strategy for the program. The goal is to develop a program that makes sense for your organization and the people you are trying to support with mentoring. Often organizations […]