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Prepare New Supervisors to Manage Staff

Too often individual contributors are promoted into supervisory roles with no prior experience managing others. And, sometimes, limited experience collaborating with others or working as part of a team on an initiative.

This only sets them up for excessive stress, frustration and potential failure in their new role managing others. It may risks setting up […]

Use Surveys and Interviews to Gauge Training Needs

There are a number of methods to determine training needs of employees. In trying to keep it simple, but still effective and with usable data, over the years I have found that a combination of online surveys and in-person or virtual interviews provides data and information to enable for improved planning.

Training programs are not […]

What is Your Training Strategy?

Every organization needs a strategy around training employees. A training strategy provides a number of benefits. A training strategy enables for learning and development or human resource professionals to link training to organizational goals and to show the value of investments in training programs.

A training strategy also helps to ensure that the right type […]

Reduce Human Resource’s Non-Value Added Work by Utilizing an Employee Portal

Employee Portal

It is possible to reduce the amount of non-value added work done by Human Resources (HR) by utilizing an employee portal. When the amount of non-value added work is reduced, HR is better able to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Consider that HR is asked any number of questions on any given day…

How do […]

Using 360 Assessments in the Organization

360 Assessment

Do it right the first time!

360 assessments are a great way to evaluate development needs as well as performance of employees throughout the organization – from the top down, across, and from the bottom up. Some organizations use 360s solely for professional development planning; others use it as part of the performance review process. […]