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Helping a New Manager Succeed

How Effective a Manager Are You?

New managers need support to succeed in role. Consider that many individuals hired into new management roles may not have previous experience managing people; they have likely come from individual contributor roles. To make it even more challenging, they are now likely managing those individuals who were once their peers.

Consider this example:

Jeremy is […]

Are Your Employees Committed to the Organization?

And are you supporting them so they feel committed?

I was talking with a client over a breakfast meeting just last week and the subject of employee commitment came up. My client, the CEO, was concerned because he felt that employees were not as committed to the organization as he would like them to be. […]

Using Employee Resource Groups to Support Diversity

Diversity within the organization enables for a variety of benefits, including creativity and innovation in:

Solving problems of the business New products and services for customers

Additionally, diversity enables for better meeting the needs of customers – who are often diverse themselves. One method to support diversity within the organization is through encouraging and supporting […]

Is There Conflict In the Business…

Between what you ask your employees to do and company policies?

Can you relate to this story?

Each employee was asked to take at least 25 hours of professional development training related to their field of expertise each year. Much of the training that related to their expertise (financial in general) was held during the […]

What Does Your Company Culture Convey?

At the Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA) two day conference last week, one of the general session speakers, Michael Stallard of E Pluribus Partners, spoke on corporate cultures, and specifically the importance of having a “connection culture.”

He talked about how having a “connection culture” enables businesses to increase the employee’s sense of connection to […]