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Revisit Your Strategic Plan

Organizational leaders should revisit and re-evaluate their strategic plan annually, or even more frequently if the organization has significant ongoing change or there is a major event – such as a merger or acquisition.

Why Revisit Your Strategic Plan

As the organization changes internally or is impacted by changes externally – it grows, new talent […]

Are Your Employees Committed to the Organization?

And are you supporting them so they feel committed?

I was talking with a client over a breakfast meeting just last week and the subject of employee commitment came up. My client, the CEO, was concerned because he felt that employees were not as committed to the organization as he would like them to be. […]

Do you envision the ideal?

Do you have a vision? If you have no picture in your mind of the ideal state, either for yourself or your organization, you will stagnate.An envisioned ideal helps you to constantly progress in the direction of a desired outcome – even if it is, for all intents and purposes, and unattainable ideal. The Lean […]

Is Your Strategic Plan a Piece of Paper?

One of the biggest challenges facing any manager is execution. Most organisations are fairly competent at strategic planning. However, when it comes to execution of these plans there is a yawning gap between the plan and implementation. A very small percentage of strategic plans actually get executed.

Our experience with facilitating the execution of strategic […]