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What if what’s in their best interest……doesn’t interest them?

A very good post appeared on the FastCompany site recently, in which author Ginny Whitelaw declared, “Empathy is the most powerful leadership tool.”There’s not a lot to disagree with in the article. It is, essentially, about Covey’s “seek first to understand” and represents both a practical, and I would say moralistic, way to approach your […]

The Challenges of Entrepreneurship

A recent article in Business on Main, 10 Solutions to Fix Young America and Rebuild the Economy, provided ways that we, as a society, can support those young Americans interested in building their business. Many of the ideas provided are of value to any age entrepreneur and provide some food for thought. Entrepreneurship, however, comes […]

Spend money where it counts

If you’re like me, you hate spending money on things that don’t effect the customers. like Banking fees, or Payroll processing. I understand the importance of such purchases. But in my books they are necessary evils. I spend as much of my budget as possible on things that count. For example I recently came across […]

Managing Your Logistics as You Grow Your Business

Logistics means many things – it might refer to how you get your products and services to your customer, or how you communicate with remote employees, or how you get your products developed in a timely manner to meet customer expectations. The challenge as we grow our businesses is how to manage logistics. In the […]

Start Making Sales on Twitter!

We all understand the importance of Twitter, and yet few people actually achieve measurable results. I’ve had countless conversations with Entrepreneurs spending 1-3 hours per day on Twitter who achieve very little results. I on the other hand spend the same amount of time and generate substantial business.

These Entrepreneurs are driven, passionate, and successful. […]