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Achieve Strategic Goals

Launch Projects to Achieve those Goals

Once you have a strategy in place for your business, your next step is to focus on how you will achieve that strategy. This usually means the launch of projects, or initiatives, to achieve that strategy. We achieve strategic goals through projects that we launch within the organization. […]

Engaging Stakeholders – A Mini Case Study – Part I

Alex was about to undertake a project in the organization that impacted the marketing department. It was not a large initiative at all and was only expected to last 2 – 3 months in duration. The initiative was to update an internal portal used by marketing for managing campaigns.

During a PMO meeting, one of […]

Project Manager = Problem Solver

Project management = project solving. The best project managers I have met are problem solvers. Projects are, after all, problems to be solved. A new application to support a growing customer basis, the release of a new product to compete more effectively, opening a new office, or launching a new process within the organization to […]

Assess Your Project Team

To better assign roles and responsibilities to each team member

Prior to assigning roles and responsibilities on projects, assess the skills and knowledge of your project team. This does not have to be a formal assessment process. Consider these simple best practices to assess the skills of your team and assign roles and responsibilities to […]

Using Sub-Team Leads in Remote Sites

To Engage and Communicate with Stakeholders

As a best practice, when you have stakeholders in remote locations, consider assigning a sub-team lead/main point of contact for them. The benefits of doing so are many. For the sub-team leads/main point of contact, it provides them with the ability to take on a leadership role and build […]