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Achieve Strategic Goals

Launch Projects to Achieve those Goals

Once you have a strategy in place for your business, your next step is to focus on how you will achieve that strategy. This usually means the launch of projects, or initiatives, to achieve that strategy. We achieve strategic goals through projects that we launch within the organization. One strategic goal may lead to a number of initiatives that must be accomplished. If we don’t break that strategic goal into projects to be accomplished, we struggle with moving forward to accomplish that goal.

For example, if we have a strategic goal to identify, nurture and retain high potentials in our division, we may decide that entails the following…

  • …determining what a high potential ‘looks like’ (skills, capabilities, etc.)
  • …determining how to identify high potentials already existing within the organization (surveys, interviews, feedback)
  • …developing processes for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding high potentials
  • …developing programs to support high potential development
  • …developing programs that enable for retaining high potentials within the organization

All of these entail projects to be launched to accomplish the overall goal of identify, nurture, and retain high potentials in our division.

We may, for example, launch an initial project that determines what is a high potential? How does that look in the organization? What skills do they have? What are their competencies? What education do they have? This may entail reviewing what a high potential looks like at other organizations and who may be a high potential in your own organization.

Once that is done, then another project that may be launched is a business process initiative that focuses on processes for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring high potentials. And from this, there are likely a number of other projects that will be launched.

When we take a strategic goal and…

  1. Break it down to understand what needs to be done to accomplish that goal overall
  2. Create a list of projects to help us accomplish what needs to be accomplished
  3. Prioritize those projects and develop a timeline for completion
  4. Launch projects within the organization

….we are more likely to achieve that strategic goal.

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