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Using Sub-Team Leads in Remote Sites

To Engage and Communicate with Stakeholders

As a best practice, when you have stakeholders in remote locations, consider assigning a sub-team lead/main point of contact for them. The benefits of doing so are many. For the sub-team leads/main point of contact, it provides them with the ability to take on a leadership role and build relationships with stakeholders within the organization. For the stakeholders, it enables them to feel cared for and increases commitment and support for your project.

When stakeholders are remote, and you have not assigned a main point of contact with them, it is much more difficult to engage them and to ensure they feel as if they are being listened to and heard.

A sub-team lead/main point of contact can assist in engaging stakeholders by:

  • Holding status meetings to share information about the project
  • Checking in with stakeholders to see if they have any questions or concerns
  • Sharing information between the project managers and the stakeholders
  • Providing training and/or support upon implementation or transition of the project
  • Being the main point of contact on-site for all things project-related

In summary, using sub-team leads to be the main point of contact for stakeholders at remote sites enables for better engagement of stakeholders. When we engage our stakeholders, we increase buy-in, commitment and support for our projects, increasing project success overall.