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Quick Tips for Problem Solving Performance Issues with Employees

When performance problems arise with employees, work collaboratively with the employee to solve the problem. This creates a partnership between you and the employee and makes the problem a learning situation.

Begin with stating the problem in terms that are understandable for the employees: impact on the team, impact on credibility of the employee, impact […]

Changing Your Mindset Around Performance Reviews

It’s that time of year for many organizations – performance reviews! Three of my clients are in the middle of performance reviews and for each of them it is a dreaded project!

How you behave as a manager impacts your mindset around performance reviews. For example, if you see yourself as a partner with your […]

Addressing the Challenge of Performance Reviews

The performance review is dreaded by nearly everyone in the organization for many reasons:

It can be an onerous process It’s only done once a year We only include in the review what is fresh in our memories We really don’t know how to handle those difficult conversations with employees who may not be performing […]

6 Common Talent Evaluation Errors by Even Experienced Managers

One of the most important aspects when interviewing a potential job candidate is giving an accurate talent evaluation rating. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy task. Other factors besides performance often get in the way and influence the interviewer to rate too low or too high. Don’t make that mistake!

When it comes to […]

Two Important Questions to Ask During Your Performance Review

I continually hear from employees who have just had their performance evaluation that it wasn’t a valuable developmental experience. I then ask, “Did you learn what you do well and should continue doing and find out at least one thing you could be doing that would help you be more effective?” About 10% will […]