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Providing Feedback that Makes Sense!

Abigail, a manager of a customer service support team, often provides feedback to her employees that they find to be of no value. She has told employees that “You need to do a better job on the phone with customers,” or noted good work with comments such as, “Good job!”

What’s wrong with this […]

Measure and Manage Employee Effectiveness

Engaging Stakeholders

Employee effectiveness does not simply happen by magic. It must be managed and measured to ensure that not only are employees effective in their roles and in meeting the objectives of the organization, but also so that they are engaged and challenged.

Use a variety of tools to measure and manage employee effectiveness

Simply […]

Providing Good Feedback

The ability to provide good feedback is essential for every leader. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it is essential that you follow a number of best practices to ensure that the feedback is constructive for the individual receiving the feedback. While it is easier to provide positive feedback certainly, plan for positive feedback […]

Receive Feedback Well!

When someone provides you feedback on needing to improve your performance, take these four steps:

Listen carefully and paraphrase what you are hearing. Ask questions to clarify understanding and get as much detail as possible. Ask for suggestions on how to improve performance. Thank the person who gave you the feedback.

It isn’t easy to […]

Three Ways to Prepare to Give Feedback to Employees

Before providing an employee feedback, ask yourself these three questions to effectively prepare for the meeting:

Are you able to identify and describe inappropriate behavior that is impacting the employee’s performance and provide examples to ensure understanding? Are you able to discuss what appropriate behavior looks like and clarify and ensure understanding of expectations around […]