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Leaders – help your new employees get acclimated into the group.

As leaders we have so much going on that when we hire a new employees, we may not take the time to get that individual integrated into the group. This is a shame and may cause retention issues, a perception of the organization not caring about it employees, and/or the inability for the employee to […]

Onboarding on a Shoestring

Help new employees get up to speed in the organization on a limited budget

While the idea of an elaborate, fancy onboarding program is exciting (look at the programs some of the larger companies have in place – amazing!), it’s not always possible. The organization may be too small, management may not want to participate, […]

Involving Supervisors in New Hire Orientations

Too often I hear human resource professionals complain that they can’t convince supervisors and other managers to be involved in new hire orientations. They just don’t want any part of it! Often, when you start talking with supervisors and managers, they don’t really understand the point of new hire orientations. From their perspectives it is […]

Evaluate Your New Hire Orientation Program in the New Year

The New Year is a perfect time to evaluate your new hire orientation program to ensure it is still effective and still meets the needs of new hires and the organization.

Consider these ways to evaluate the program:

Review the objectives of the program against the organization’s current vision, mission and long-term strategic goals. Does […]

Reduce Information Overload in Your New Hire Orientation Programs

Best Practices to Keep Your Orientation Programs Effective for New Hires

In evaluating new hire orientation programs with our clients, Abudi Consulting Group has seen the biggest problem being information overload. New hires (and anyone frankly!) can absorb only so much in any given time period before they are overloaded with information. When information overload […]