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Provide New Leaders a Mentor


Providing new leader a mentor achieves a number of benefits to the leaders as well as the organization, many of the benefits directly attributable to the bottom line. Mentors enables new leaders to be successful sooner in their role. Additionally, a mentor enables for:

Understanding and absorbing the corporate culture Learning business processes Learning about […]

Replacing an Outstanding Leader

When someone has been successfully leading a team or organization and moves on, in addition to a feeling of loss there is often a panic that ensues – how on earth can that person be replaced? Cloning is out of the question that’s for sure but a longing for ‘more of the same’ is […]

When Managers Become Leaders

Managers who make the transition to team leader for the first time can be pretty shocked at what hits them. The whole point about leading is that they are leading people and any amount of leadership development or training can only go so far in preparing them for their first role. The management skills […]