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Measure and Manage Employee Effectiveness

Engaging Stakeholders

Employee effectiveness does not simply happen by magic. It must be managed and measured to ensure that not only are employees effective in their roles and in meeting the objectives of the organization, but also so that they are engaged and challenged.

Use a variety of tools to measure and manage employee effectiveness

Simply […]

Contribute to the Company Blog and Build Your Own Brand

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago who told me she was interested in building her own brand – basically, she wants to get her name “out there” and begin to do a bit of writing. She also is interested in getting recognized within her organization with the hope of moving to […]

Grow Motivation Like Tomatoes

Do you have green fingers? Can you make a plant thrive? Have you ever bought a plant and forgot about it? What happened? Have you ever planted a tomato plant? Did you get tomatoes, or did it wither and die? Have you ever bought an aquarium and ended up with fish floating upside down in […]

Happy Employees = Good Business

I recently read an article on Business on Main entitled Is Happiness the Key to Success and I want to share my thoughts on what was an interesting and timely article. Too often entrepreneurs do not consider how their emotions affect their business – and everyone around them: employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, etc. What […]