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Happy Employees = Good Business

I recently read an article on Business on Main entitled Is Happiness the Key to Success and I want to share my thoughts on what was an interesting and timely article. Too often entrepreneurs do not consider how their emotions affect their business – and everyone around them: employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, etc. What […]

Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys

In a previous post we talked about the importance of engaging employees and provided some suggestions to engage employees in the workplace. To understand how well your employees are engaged, if at all, an employee engagement survey might be used to gather some data on employee engagement at your organization.

Employee engagement issues do not […]

Do You Know How to Engage Your Employees?

Have you thought about “engaging your employees?” What does it mean to you to engage employees? If you are not engaging your employees, you are losing out on quite a bit and risking the loss of employees who can help your organization reach its goals. When you don’t engage your employees – you lose them […]