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Happy Employees = Good Business

I recently read an article on Business on Main entitled Is Happiness the Key to Success and I want to share my thoughts on what was an interesting and timely article. Too often entrepreneurs do not consider how their emotions affect their business – and everyone around them: employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, etc. What I liked about this article – and want to emphasize here – is the idea that in order to be successful, happiness is required! I know – you are thinking…… “Of course, isn’t that obvious?” Yes and no. Let me explain.

Not all entrepreneurs start a business because they are passionate about it – some end up taking over another business or “falling into a business” because it is presented to them. Too often, unless the entrepreneur can find his passion, the business may not succeed. I was talking to a small business client the other day who commented that he has finally found his passion (note that this is his third attempt at a small business) and he noticed that because he is so passionate about his business everyone around him is too! In Jeff Wuorio’s article, Is Happiness the Key to Success, he notes that “This sense of enjoyment and self-satisfaction, for both workers and the entrepreneurs who employ them, isn’t just a warm and fuzzy intangible. Rather, it’s an essential component to business success…..” My client noted that because he was so passionate about his business, in turn his employees were also and that trickled down to the customers of his business – happy customers are repeat customers and, often, long-term customers.

Being passionate about your business enables you to convey to those around you your vision for that business. That excitement enables the entrepreneur to engage his employees. Engaged employees feel that they are a key part of the business and are invested in its success. Therefore, they can better engage the customers of that business. Engaged customers drive revenue for the business.

Jeff adds a few strategies for ensuring employees are satisfied. Let me add to his list. Small business owners can ensure employees are satisfied and engaged through:

  • Providing them projects to work on to further develop their skills
  • Having them participate in strategic planning sessions
  • Developing reward and recognition programs to support engagement
  • Offering constructive feedback regularly
  • Helping employees achieve a work-life balance

Check out the article. I’m sure you’ll find it as interesting and full of useful nuggets as I did.

Happy reading!

Disclaimer: This post is a part of an online influencer network for Business on Main. I receive incentives to share my views on a monthly basis.

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