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Regular Communication with Co-Workers

Building Rapport

The ability to communication and collaborate with co-workers above and beyond the normal need to work together is essential. Regularly communicating and collaborating with our peers enables for stronger working relationships and sharing of knowledge and best practices. This enables for solving problems more effectively and creatively as well as reducing conflicts that may arise […]

What is Your Communication Strategy for Your Initiatives?

Communication Strategy

Every initiative – regardless of its size or complexity – requires a communication strategy. Certainly the more complex the initiative, the more complex the communication strategy. However, a smaller initiative can utilize a simpler communication strategy.

Your communication strategy should cover the following key items: A list of your stakeholders and the impact the initiative […]

Are You Communicating with Your Employees?

We can resolve so many issues within the workplace simply by communicating more frequently and more honestly with our employees. Consider how much productive time is wasted in gossip or in employees spending time worrying rather than working because they don’t have all the information.

Regular communication is essential. If we don’t communicate regularly […]

Communicating with Stakeholders in Ways that Work for Them

We all absorb information differently – some are more visual than others and want to see charts and graphs, some prefer to listen to others communicate the information to them such as through a presentation or in a meeting, and others like to be involved in some way such as by reviewing data and […]

Effective Communications for Complex Projects

The more complex your initiative, the more detailed your communications plan must be to ensure that you reach all individuals with whom you need to communicate and so that you communicate the right information at the right time. Planning your communications up front enables for:

Improving the effectiveness of communications overall, including frequency and […]