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The Value in Socializing Human Resource Strategic Initiatives

Too often within Human Resources, we have so much to get done and we are so rushed to get started on our initiatives, that we forget the need to “sell” our initiatives throughout the organization – from the top down. We shouldn’t assume that executives understand the need to promote what we want to […]

Best Practices for Managing Changes that Impact Employee’s Jobs: A Case Study

I’m working with a client on a major initiative that will impact their employees’ jobs. It won’t mean there will be lay-offs within the organization, but rather significant restructuring of roles and responsibilities and some relocations.

The company has eight (8) offices throughout the United States and in Canada. They are consolidating departments and offices […]

Hit the Road to Socialize Your New Initiative

When we take on a new initiative, we may consider the need to socialize and get the buy-in of those co-located, but we tend to forget about remote offices. We need to get our remote employees engaged. Commonly I hear from my client’s remote offices that they feel disconnected from the main office. This […]