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Do You Need to Rebuild Trust?

Trust is difficult to gain but easy to lose. And once we lose the trust of our staff, we need to work extra hard to rebuild that trust. We lose the trust of our staff when we do any of the following:

Are dishonest or withhold information or knowledge Don’t match what we say with […]

Best Practices to Prepare a Problem Solving Session – Part I

This is Part I of a 3 part article on best practice to prepare for, lead and follow up to problem solving sessions. In Part I we will focus on preparing for the problem solving session.

Problem solving sessions can be pretty intense. Often emotions are running high. Sometimes peole are so worried they […]

Analyzing Complex Issues

When you have a complex problem before the team, take a few simple steps to analyze and resolve the issue in a logical way. Too often we get thrown off by problems that arise on projects and react too quickly. Taking the time to think through the issue, and why it has occurred, enables […]

Best Practices for Managing Changes that Impact Employee’s Jobs: A Case Study

I’m working with a client on a major initiative that will impact their employees’ jobs. It won’t mean there will be lay-offs within the organization, but rather significant restructuring of roles and responsibilities and some relocations.

The company has eight (8) offices throughout the United States and in Canada. They are consolidating departments and offices […]

Setting a Path for the Future

Collaboratively…to keep people engaged and committed

How are you working with your leadership team and others in the organization to set a path for the future based on the vision of the company? You need to have goals set that others can embrace and follow – that defines how the company will achieve future success. […]