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How to Keep Your Organization Full of Brilliant, Brand New and Really Old Ideas

If you were able to go into any organization, particularly a struggling one (or one that is failing entirely) and you will hear ideas from every person, up and down the organizational hierarchy, on what is wrong and what needs to be fixed in order to turn things around.That, in itself, is not a bad […]

Setting a Path for the Future

Collaboratively…to keep people engaged and committed

How are you working with your leadership team and others in the organization to set a path for the future based on the vision of the company? You need to have goals set that others can embrace and follow – that defines how the company will achieve future success. […]

Find Out How Things are Going In Your Business?

Have you asked your employees?

How are things working out in your business? Are things going well? What could be improved upon? What area is working really well and could be a model for other areas? How are you finding out the answers to these questions? Part of your answer should be, “I’m asking my […]

Book Review: Business Genesis: A Strategic Approach to Starting a Business

Henry Gregor, a dear friend of mine who I met through LinkedIn initially and has since developed a close friendship with, wrote a book entitled Business Genesis: A Strategic Approach to Starting a Business which I believe is well worth mentioning in my blog as a great resource for startup businesses or anyone considering starting […]