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Ensuring Strategy Conversations Trickle Down from Executives to their Staff

Communicating Strategy

In conducting 360 assessments with our clients, Abudi Consulting Group often hears from staff that they do not have an understanding of strategy for the organization and/or strategy of their own departments. Strategy conversations do not seem to trickle down from executives to their staff. Or, if they are trickling down to the next level […]

Best Practices to Communicate About Your Strategic Plan

Communicating about the strategic plan

Better Communication = Increased Success in Implementing Your Strategic Plan

It is essential to have a plan in place to communicate about the strategic plan throughout the organization. Educating employees about the plan enables for their understanding of the importance of the plan as well as increasing their commitment to supporting the plan – which […]

Involve Your Employees in the Organization SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Improve the Results of the Process!

Too often SWOT (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats) analyses are done by the top leadership only. Employees from throughout the organization are not involved in the process. But they should be! By involving employees in the SWOT analysis process, leadership can develop a better SWOT overall. Employees […]

Selling Your Strategic Plan to Your Employees

Strategic Plan

Simply having a strategic plan in place within the organization is not sufficient to getting it accomplished. Leadership must sell their strategic plan to the employees. Employees must buy-in to the strategic plan if they are going to support it and work toward accomplishing its objectives. Many leaders scoff at the thought of selling a […]

Moving Forward Implementing Organization Vision - Part III

How One Company Successfully Moved From Setting a Vision to Implementing that Vision

Read Part I and Part II of this article for background information. In part 3 we’ll focus on next steps – action planning – based on the discussions generated and decisions made at the off-site meeting.

Great discussions and conversations were had […]