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Do you envision the ideal?

Do you have a vision? If you have no picture in your mind of the ideal state, either for yourself or your organization, you will stagnate.An envisioned ideal helps you to constantly progress in the direction of a desired outcome – even if it is, for all intents and purposes, and unattainable ideal. The Lean […]

Every Customer Trusts You, But What Do They Trust In

Thanks to the wonders of LinkedIn Today, I was introduced to a 2010 Harvard Business Review article entitled, “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers.”

I gave a mental nod to the authors, Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman, and Nicholas Toman for the title that caused a little adrenaline to rise in my bloodstream, and clicked the […]

How Are Your Company Ethics?

When ethics at the top are questionable, you can pretty much guarantee they will be questionable throughout the organization. Poor ethics trickles down. If it’s good enough for those at the top, it’s good enough for the rest of the organization.

For example, let’s assume there are specific policies around vacation and sick time. Yet, […]

What Drives Your Clients Crazy?

And what are you doing to change things??

Consider both your internal and external clients. What drives them nuts? What practices or processes do you have in place that are not conducive to good customer service?

Let’s look at some examples of what might be driving your clients crazy:

When employees contact HR for benefit […]

What Could You Learn From a Bunch of Clowns?

James Lawther has worked for 20 years (and a bit more) in all sorts of operational roles, from counting frozen peas to chasing tax avoiders. Currently he is the Head of Operational Excellence for a FTSE 100 company. He writes about customer service operations at Squawk Point,

It was raining, hard.

I […]