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Anticipation vs responsiveness

There’s a ton of writing out there on proactive vs. reactive. Whether it is about software development or business development, being proactive and preventing a problem is much preferred over perfecting the ability to deploy resources quickly when a problem erupts.

All of that is, of course, intuitive.

Nonetheless, individuals and organizations still struggle with […]

Delegating by capacity

Why do so many bosses manage according to the principal of “ I do most of the work. You ‘re just here to catch the overflow?”

Delegating is supposed to be about understanding the work flowing through your organization and then assigning that work based on skill sets and availability of the resources within your […]

The value of delayed decisions

Most conversations about improvement revolve around finding ways to speed things up. Whether by focusing on the elimination of unnecessary activities, doing less more often, reducing clutter, training the mind to avoid multitasking, or any other approach to speeding up decision making the prevailing message is clear: do things faster.

The desire to do things […]

How to Keep Your Organization Full of Brilliant, Brand New and Really Old Ideas

If you were able to go into any organization, particularly a struggling one (or one that is failing entirely) and you will hear ideas from every person, up and down the organizational hierarchy, on what is wrong and what needs to be fixed in order to turn things around.That, in itself, is not a bad […]

Do you envision the ideal?

Do you have a vision? If you have no picture in your mind of the ideal state, either for yourself or your organization, you will stagnate.An envisioned ideal helps you to constantly progress in the direction of a desired outcome – even if it is, for all intents and purposes, and unattainable ideal. The Lean […]