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Six Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills

Creative thinking skills enables us to break from the status quo and push for innovation. Creative thinking challenges assumptions which enables for organizational progress, enables for better solutions to complex problems, and for continuous improvement in the business. Creative thinking can be learned! Sometimes we just have to break away from our normal routine to […]

Hey! You’re Stealing My Idea - Part II

A client’s story

Read Part I of our story.

In this part of the story, we’ll share a bit around what’s going wrong and how it might be corrected for future innovation meetings. The premise behind monthly innovation meetings is a good one! Provide a forum for employees from throughout the organization to get together […]

Hey! You’re Stealing My Idea – Part I

A client’s story

I was talking to a client a number of months ago who wanted to know what could be done to enable for more collaboration and sharing in the organization. In particular, he shared with me that the company had, about six months prior to our conversation, implemented a monthly innovation meeting. The […]

How to Keep Your Organization Full of Brilliant, Brand New and Really Old Ideas

If you were able to go into any organization, particularly a struggling one (or one that is failing entirely) and you will hear ideas from every person, up and down the organizational hierarchy, on what is wrong and what needs to be fixed in order to turn things around.That, in itself, is not a bad […]