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Enable for Planning Time

And make better decisions about the projects selected

Too often I see leaders jump toward a decision without planning it out first. The decision may be anything – whether to move forward with a project, whether to hire another employee in the organization, discontinue a product, launch a new service, etc. I hear talk […]

Anticipation vs responsiveness

There’s a ton of writing out there on proactive vs. reactive. Whether it is about software development or business development, being proactive and preventing a problem is much preferred over perfecting the ability to deploy resources quickly when a problem erupts.

All of that is, of course, intuitive.

Nonetheless, individuals and organizations still struggle with […]

Are you Faking a Strategy?

There is tremendous value in having a strategy for your business. Too often business leaders see development of a strategy as just taking too much time and distracting from bringing in revenue. Nothing can be further from the truth! If you are developing a strategy for your business and then just tucking it away in […]

Drive your business like a NYC cab

Drive your business like a New York City Cab!

Business is ruthless and should be treated as such. Consumers don’t care about you, or what you’ve invested. Consumers care about one person… Hint Hint: It’s not you. You’ll have to answer one question better than anyone else: “what’s in it for me.” Craft your business […]