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Engaging Reluctant Participants on a Team

Best practices to get everyone to participate and share their ideas and thoughts

Not everyone on the team is going to be a willing participant in discussions. Some individuals may be shy and therefore reluctant to participant; others may simply not want to participate for any number of reasons. However, it is important that everyone […]

A Mini Case Study: What’s Wrong With This Team – Part II

Read Part I of the mini case study.

What may be some of the primary reasons for the team feeling as they are?

There are any number of issues that could be happening. The members may not understand what it means to be part of a team, may have had poor experiences on past […]

A Mini Case Study: What’s Wrong With This Team – Part I

From the minute the project was announced and the team members assigned, several of the members were overheard telling their colleagues that they didn’t understand why they needed to be involved in this initiative. They wanted to continue to work alone, as they have been doing for many years. One member was quoted with the […]

Problem Team Members

Are any of these folks on your team?

We all have problem team members! Here are some of the folks I have had on project teams:

“My way or the highway!” Individuals who keep pushing until they get their way. They will wear you down and keep talking until you finally give in. “Wanderers” Individuals […]

Enabling Virtual Team Relationships – Part VII

Checking in with Samantha and Mimi

Read Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI of our story for background information.

It has been one month since the meeting with Samantha and Mimi and Alice has set up a brief phone call to check in with the two of them. […]