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Achieve Business Success Through Project Management Strategy

When leaders look at project management from a strategic viewpoint, they are better able to meet the goals and objectives of their business. Project management enables us to take a step-by-step approach to getting to the end result. Use a project management approach to:

prioritize the initiatives we have to accomplish to meet organizational goals […]

Are You Aligning Employee’s Skills to the Projects They Are Assigned?

Frequently, when I’m brought in to a company to evaluate projects or major initiatives that are going off track I find – among other issues – one common thread from client to client – employees assigned to do the work who really don’t have the necessary skills. They were assigned because they have done a […]

Does Your Team Understand How Their Work Fits in the Big Picture?

Too often we forget a very important part of kicking off the project team – helping the team members understand how the work they are doing aligns to the big picture – the organizational strategy. Of course, this assumes that we understand how the project fits into the organizational strategy. I do realize that some […]