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Selling your Project to Executives

Sometimes we have an idea for a project that we know is valuable and of benefit to the organization, but we can’t get it started. It seems no one is interested. In talking with clients, I often find that those great ideas don’t move forward because they haven’t sold the idea to the purse […]

Focus on the Strategic Result

Not a Product or Service in Particular

The most competitive organizations focus on the strategic end result which includes launching projects that solve business problems. They don’t focus on a particular product or service, but rather projects specifically focused on achieving a strategic goal. These projects therefore tend to be more complex and have more […]

Are You Aligning Employee’s Skills to the Projects They Are Assigned?

Frequently, when I’m brought in to a company to evaluate projects or major initiatives that are going off track I find – among other issues – one common thread from client to client – employees assigned to do the work who really don’t have the necessary skills. They were assigned because they have done a […]