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Soliciting Feedback from Your Key Stakeholders

Getting information you need to ensure future project success

Soliciting feedback from our key stakeholders on our initiative is not always easy for a number of reasons. In some organizations, it just isn’t standard practice as people move rapidly from project to project. In other organizations, projects run with so much difficulty and anxiety that […]

Why Project Managers Must Build Strong Relationships

Being a project manager in an organization is hardly an easy job. You spend your days trying to get others in the business to help you reach your goals – deliver that project on time, within budget and within the quality expectations of the stakeholders. And frequently you are doing all of this with […]

Does Your Team Understand How Their Work Fits in the Big Picture?

Too often we forget a very important part of kicking off the project team – helping the team members understand how the work they are doing aligns to the big picture – the organizational strategy. Of course, this assumes that we understand how the project fits into the organizational strategy. I do realize that some […]