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Are You Ready for Your Next Project?

Are you ready for you next project

Before you officially begin your next project, consider whether you can answer the following questions:

Are you aware of why the project is being launched? If not, find out! Ask the project sponsor why this particular project is being launched? What is the goal of the project? To what strategic organizational goal is the project […]

Project Leadership and the Bottom Line

Organizations are going to meet their long-term objectives and strategic goals, as well as compete effectively in an increasingly competitive environment by undertaking the right projects at the right time.

To be successful at those projects, organizations must have strong project leadership in place. Individuals who can lead project teams to accomplish goals but also […]

The Value of Using Project Management to Get Work Done

Think about it. Much that you do each day is, effectively, a project to be completed. These “projects” may be simple or more complex, but regardless of what role you have within the organization – managing projects is likely to be one of the things you have to do! In order to effectively support the […]

Managing BPI Projects – Communicating with the Sponsor and Stakeholders

The ability to communicate effectively with the sponsor and stakeholders is absolutely essential to BPI (business process improvement) projects. Communicating, besides reporting on status, enables for building stronger relationships with key individuals and keep others engaged in the project.

Similar to communicating with a project team, it is essential to use a variety of communication […]

Managing BPI Projects – Communicating with the Project Team

Determining early in your project how you will communicate with the project team and how the project team will communicate with each other is absolutely essential to ensure the project stays on track.

While team meetings are essential, they are unlikely to be sufficient for business process improvement (BPI) projects; especially more complex ones. It […]