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Leadership’s Project Management Challenges

Achieve Business Success Through Project Management Strategy

Leadership in many organizations – even today – are challenged with project management and where it fits in. Understanding the value of project management to the organization is a significant challenge for leaders. Too often it is considered as tactical – with no real thought or understanding of the strategic value of it. Shortchanging the […]

Project Leadership and the Bottom Line

Organizations are going to meet their long-term objectives and strategic goals, as well as compete effectively in an increasingly competitive environment by undertaking the right projects at the right time.

To be successful at those projects, organizations must have strong project leadership in place. Individuals who can lead project teams to accomplish goals but also […]

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Enterprise PMO

Once an enterprise PMO has been launched within the organization, its effectiveness should be measured on a regular basis. In the past I have mainly seen assessments conducted on an annual or bi-annual basis.

To begin an ongoing assessment of the enterprise PMO, baseline information should be captured on how projects were conducted prior to […]

The Role of the Enterprise PMO Director

In ensuring success of the Enterprise PMO

A highly functioning enterprise project management office (PMO) should be responsible for all initiatives within the organization – across all departments and divisions. In order for an enterprise PMO to be successful, however, the head of the enterprise PMO must be empowered to make strategic decisions regarding project […]

Developing a Project Strategy

Eliminating the bad habit of launching every project desired

This is the year one of my clients, a senior project director within his organization, decided the company will have a strategy for the projects they complete! A review of projects completed over the last 5 years indicated to them that, while many projects have been […]