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Your Business and Social Networking

Social networking has become a vital part of our personal and professional life. Many of us can’t wait to log on to FaceBook to see updated photos of family and friends, and who does not like keeping up with what is going on in their social circle by Tweeting through Twitter?

What […]

How to Work a Social Event

Social events (cocktail parties, networking events, parties, conferences, etc.) are great ways to network and sell yourself and your business. Let’s face it – they help you to make connections that might pay off in the long run with a job offer or business. But not everyone is comfortable with such events. And certainly you […]

The Power of Networking

Networking is essential in today’s world. (How’s that for stating the obvious!) Regardless of whether you enjoy networking or not – and many people just don’t enjoy it – it is important for your career growth and advancement to develop strong networking skills. You are not necessarily going to find your next job via a […]