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Do You Have a Professional Network?

You need one!

Every professional needs a network. A network enables for:

  • Finding new opportunities
  • Branding yourself
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Getting support in solving problems
  • Learning from others
  • Exploring new areas

There are two main thoughts on building a network – should you build and nurture a small network or have a larger one. For me – a larger one! Let me explain why.

My larger network, in addition to the benefits listed above, enables for diversity. I love the various backgrounds of individuals in my network! That diversity – which is broad – provides tremendous insight and value. Certainly, the smaller the network, the easier it is to keep in touch and nurture the group. But you can also keep in touch with a larger network.

I have been nurturing my network for a while. I share best practices, knowledge and resources. Much of my business comes from my network and referrals through it. When my network needs something, they think of me. If I can’t help them, I likely have someone in my broader network who can!

Remember that networking takes time – to establish relationships and nurture those relationships. You can’t look for a network when you need one, you must establish and nurture a network before you need to reach out to your network. It is all about give and take. Give and you’ll receive; don’t have a timeline though!

The next time you are at a networking event – try this activity:

  • Seek out someone new and converse to find three things in common that is not work related.
  • Share one thing you are willing to share with them to help them in some way.
  • Ask about one thing you need advice on/help with based on their expertise or maybe referring you to someone they might know.

Start your network today! Reach out to me on LinkedIn. I’ll join your network!

Happy networking!

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