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Reflect on Your Learning

Reflect on Your LearningWhen you attend a conference, a training program or read an article, white paper or case study, are you reflecting on the learning? Often times we invest significantly in our professional development, but what do we do with that learning?

Consider the following best practices the next time you attend a conference, a training program or read an article to ensure that you are getting something from your investment:

  • List the learning objectives from the event and specifically those learning objectives important for you personally.
  • Develop an action plan on what you might do to continue to apply what you learned at the event (how can you continue the learning?)
  • Evaluate the action plan regularly – what progress has been made toward the learning objectives?
  • Consider what conditions have promoted your ability to apply your learnings from the event and what conditions may have inhibited learning. How can you change those conditions that have inhibited your learning and enhance those conditions that have promoted your learning?

What else might you do to reflect and continue with your learning?

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