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Communicate About the Rollout of Your Training Program

CommunicationWhen rolling out new training programs in your organization, be sure to provide as much communication about the program as possible. This gets the employees excited about and interested in the program – thereby increasing the success of the program within the organization. Many of Abudi Consulting Group’s clients use a nomination and qualification process for high impact programs.

Steps to Communicate About New Training Programs

  1. Send an interoffice memo to all relevant employees describing the new program and the goals/objectives of the program.  Include:
    1. Training partner for program
    2. Program overview
    3. Benefits of program
    4. Long term objectives of programs
    5. Target audience
    6. How participants will be selected for participating
  2. Develop a brochure of the training program to include the following components:
    1. Welcome from Human Resources/Learning & Development
    2. Program Overview
    3. Goal of Program
    4. Brief Descriptions of Offerings
    5. Schedule
    6. Target Audience
    7. Qualification process (if used, see #4 below)
    8. Nomination form (if used, see #4 below)
    9. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Breakfast Get-Together/Lunch & Learn/After Hours Get-Together
    1. Discuss new program offered at the organization
      1. Distribute brochure
      2. Discuss objectives of program
      3. Discuss qualifications for taking the program (assuming the organization is using a process to qualify individuals for the program)
      4. Have training partner discuss program
      5. Q&A
  4. If  “qualifying” individuals to take the training program
    1. Develop nomination form to self-nominate for program and/or to have the manager nominate the individual (for higher level programs, a management level nomination is highly recommended to bring more credibility to the program)
      1. Include on the form the following questions to be answered:
        1. Why the individual is a good candidate for the program
        2. What the individual expects to achieve from the program – how will his/her attendance at the program benefit the individual’s department as well as the organization as a whole
    2. Develop a timeline for submission of nomination forms
    3. Develop a process for review of nomination forms and for approval of candidates to sit through the training program
      1. Include a variety of individuals on the nomination committee from:
        1. Human Resources
        2. Line of Business
        3. Executives
      2. Interview candidates for program (as part of the interview process, describe the requirements of the program, its objectives and look for commitment from participants)
    4. Send a “Congratulations” letter to selected candidates with dates of program, any preparation work required as well as other relevant details
    5. If self-nomination is permitted:  Meet with non-selected candidates to explain why they were not accepted and next steps for these individuals
  5. Other options for promoting training programs include:
    1. Internal company site
    2. Company newsletter
    3. Posters/flyers posted throughout office common areas

Having a detailed process for communicating about a training program enables for getting employees engaged in the program and excited about participating. Training programs are a great benefit for employees, but don’t just assume they will flock to them when you post them in your system or send an email to employees. Rather – develop a strategy to share information about the purpose of the program as well as its value to the individual employees.

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