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What is Your Training Strategy?

Every organization needs a strategy around training employees. A training strategy provides a number of benefits. A training strategy enables for learning and development or human resource professionals to link training to organizational goals and to show the value of investments in training programs.

A training strategy also helps to ensure that the right type of training is provided to the right employees at the right time – when they need the skills and knowledge to help move the organization forward.

When developing a training strategy, consider these key questions to be answered:

  1. What are the short term goals of the organization (2 – 4 years)
  2. What are the long term goals of the organization (5+ years)
  3. Where can employees fill in the gaps now, and later, if only they had the skills?
  4. What are current and future workforce skills needed?
  5. What are future leadership needs (who will be retiring?)
  6. What employees are potential leaders and what will they need to be effective leading in the organization?
  7. Where is the business struggling? What challenges, or business problems, need to be solved?
  8. Where are employees struggling to meet organizational needs?

While certainly you can put training programs on a schedule for employees, or send them out to public training; think about how much more effective that training can be if you have a strategy behind it.

Need help developing your training strategy? Contact Abudi Consulting Group and learn how we have worked with a variety of organizations to develop training strategic plans that get the support of and funding from the executive team.

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