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Human Resources: How will You Help Employees Develop Their Skills in 2015?

It’s the time to plan for the upcoming year! Abudi Consulting Group has been working with a number of our clients, and specifically the Human Resource group at each client, to help them strategize ways to continue to develop employee skills in 2015 and beyond. Enabling for opportunities to further develop skills and increase knowledge […]

Why Doesn’t My Staff Member Do a Good Job on Tasks I Assign Her?

Too often when an employee is not successfully completing tasks assigned, the manager’s first “go to” place is that the employee is lazy or just doesn’t care. This is, frankly, rarely the case. When employees are not doing good work with assigned tasks, it is usually due to any of the following:

The assignment isn’t […]

Develop Your Employees

When businesses struggle, one of the first things to be cut is employee training. However, when companies are struggling, they are only going to get out of their current position and begin to move forward when they become creative in launching products and services that enable for expanding the client base and meeting client needs […]

Effective One-On-One Meetings with Employees

Are you holding one-on-one meetings with your direct reports? If not, you should be! They are a great way to “check in” and to keep employees on track and engaged. Use one-on-one meetings to:

Follow up on progress of initiatives and projects to which the employee is assigned Work collaboratively with the employee to resolve […]

Avoiding Difficult Performance Discussions is Not Nice

One of the excuses we commonly hear as a reason for not actively engaging in dialogue with employees regarding their performance is "We’re really nice at XYZ organization" or "We’re non-confrontational." Translation, "We have people who are underperforming, but we’d rather not have those conversations." Or, "It’s just easier to let the underperformance continue as […]