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Best Practices to Communicate About Your Strategic Plan

Better Communication = Increased Success in Implementing Your Strategic Plan

It is essential to have a plan in place to communicate about the strategic plan throughout the organization. Educating employees about the plan enables for their understanding of the importance of the plan as well as increasing their commitment to supporting the plan – which is necessary if the organization is going to successfully implement components of their strategic plan.

A Flowchart to Communicate About the Plan

Exhibit 1 shows a potential flow to assist in communicating about the plan.Communicating about the strategic plan

Exhibit 1: Communicating about the strategic plan

Considerations to Communicate About the Plan

In developing how you will communicate about the strategic plan, consider the following potential factors:

  • The size and complexity of the plan. The more complex the plan, the more communications required in a variety of formats and channels to ensure understanding and reach the widest audience.
  • The culture of the organization. Cultures that are consensus-driven and where opinions are sought out will likely spend more time communicating and sharing the strategic plan before finalizing it to get input from a variety of individuals from throughout the organization. More hierarchical organizations will focus their communications on what needs to be done to accomplish the strategic plan.
  • Past involvement of employees in the process. Organizations that have not involved employees in the strategic plan process before may spend more time up front communicating why they are involving employees and encouraging employees to share their ideas and suggestions.

Well Thought-Out Communication Plans

Well thought-out communication plans enable the organization to accomplish the following:

  • Surface resistance to the plan and develop communications to decrease that resistance and increase support
  • Strengthen relationships between employees and leadership
  • Enable for organization-wide participation in implementing the plan
  • Provide a focus on the results and outcomes of the plan
  • Increase collaboration and strengthen teamwork throughout the organization

Want to increase your employee’s participation in the strategic planning process through more effective and more robust communications? Contact Abudi Consulting Group to learn how we support our clients’ communication efforts around strategic planning and execution.

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