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Regular Communication with Co-Workers

communicationThe ability to communication and collaborate with co-workers above and beyond the normal need to work together is essential. Regularly communicating and collaborating with our peers enables for stronger working relationships and sharing of knowledge and best practices. This enables for solving problems more effectively and creatively as well as reducing conflicts that may arise in the workplace. It reduces instances where we are reinventing the wheel because we have no idea that an issue we are trying to solve has already occurred and been solved by a peer.

Consider any of these ways to regularly connect and communicate with co-workers above and beyond the required meetings to discuss projects or other initiatives:

  • Meet for coffee before the workday starts
  • Host a “lunch club”
  • Get together after work
  • Hold weekly 15 minute stand-up meetings to “check in” with peers
  • Ask to meet with a co-worker in their office just to catch up
  • Utilize an internal site (portal) where peers can collaborate and share knowledge

These are just a few ways to regularly connect and communicate with co-workers outside of the normal need such as when working on initiatives together.