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What is Your Communication Strategy for Your Initiatives?

Communication Strategy

Every initiative – regardless of its size or complexity – requires a communication strategy. Certainly the more complex the initiative, the more complex the communication strategy. However, a smaller initiative can utilize a simpler communication strategy.

Your communication strategy should cover the following key items: A list of your stakeholders and the impact the initiative […]

What I learned from… Michael Smith, VP Coca-Cola

Michael Smith is Vice President Group Strategy and Planning at Coca-Cola North America. He helped me write Strategy Execution Heroes. Here’s a selection of Michael’s tips:

Steer the frontline

Make sure you are able to take a complex strategy and turn it into three-to-five priorities for the frontline. Not everything can be important. And it’s your […]

How Much Research Do You Need To Do?

Moving forward with communication tactics without a good understanding of the target audience, their current attitudes and beliefs and the drivers that might lead them to positive action relative to your product or service is never a good idea. On the other hand, many companies – particularly smaller companies – don’t have the time […]